Dolly Parton sang “working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living” and what a way to increase our health risks if we don’t take the time to eat right during our work day. Too often we skip breakfast, have meeting munchies and give in to sweet treats during afternoon slumps. These cravings can be avoided if we take a little time to prepare for our work day.

Skipping breakfast can give you brain drain for the rest of the day and impact your quality of work. Try some of these breakfast pre-prep ideas recommended by Dietitians of Canada:
1. Make barley, quinoa or oat porridge and refrigerate in portions. Reheat with mix-ins, such as fruit and seeds, in the morning.
2. Bake and freeze whole grain muffins, pancakes and mini frittatas.
3. Stock up on ready-to-eat items such as fruit and containers of yogurt, and pack individual portions of trail mix to grab n’ go.
4. Mix up some muesli with toasted oats, dates, coconut and almonds to enjoy with fruit and yogurt.
5. Make hard-boiled eggs for breakfast on the run. Refrigerate for up to one week.

At staff meetings, instead of a box of donuts put pitchers of plain water on the tables to quench thirst, boost hydration and keep staff alert. And for meetings over lunch keep it light with salads and wraps filled with veggies and protein such as chicken, cheese, eggs or legumes.

Are you feeling that slump around 2 or 3pm? Try these energy boosting habits recommended by Dietitians of Canada to get you back on track:
– Move it! Stand up during phone calls, walk to deliver messages instead of emailing, or do a few stretches at your desk.
– Grab a small snack. If you’re hungry, have a snack with carbs to fuel your brain and protein for longer lasting energy. Dip carrot sticks in nut butter or hummus or enjoy cottage cheese with fruit.
– Drink water. Staying hydrated helps you avoid that sleepy feeling. Add cucumber, lemon or mint to perk up your cup.

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Have a happy and healthy nutrition month!