In life some good things happen, some bad things happen and some fantastic things happen!  Why is it when life is good that we feel stress?  You may find yourself overwhelmed with things to do and emotions, yet happy to discover the overwhelming list is full of positive things.  This is normal.  Stress comes from the good and the bad.  Stress pushes us to perform better and to react

In 1967 Holmes and Rahe developed a scale of life events which may contribute to illness.  These events are not all negative, as you can see in the list below, many are quite happy events including Vacation, Pregnancy and Marriage.  Changes in life = changes in stress.

Minor violation of law 11
Christmas 12
Vacation 13
Change in eating habits 15
Change in number of family reunions 15
Change in sleeping habits 16
Minor mortgage or loan 17
Change in social activities 18
Change in church activities 19
Change in recreation 19
Change in residence 20
Change in schools 20
Change in working hours or conditions 20
Trouble with boss 23
Revision of personal habits 24
Change in living conditions 25
Beginning or end school 26
Spouse starts or stops work 26
Outstanding personal achievement 28
Change in responsibilities at work 29
Child leaving home 29
Trouble with in-laws 29
Foreclosure of mortgage or loan 30
Major mortgage 32
Change in frequency of arguments 35
Change to different line of work 36
Death of a close friend 37
Change in financial state 38
Business readjustment 39
Gain a new family member 39
Sexual difficulties 39
Pregnancy 40
Change in health of family member 44
Marital reconciliation 45
Retirement 45
Dismissal from work 47
Marriage 50
Personal injury or illness 53
Death of a close family member 63
Imprisonment 63
Marital separation 65
Divorce 73
Death of a spouse 100

Add up the numbers beside the list for events in your life in the past year.  If that number is over 150 it is very normal to feel stressed.  Remember, self-care is a year round thing.  Take time to go for walks, exercise, sleep, read, write, do the things you love and spend time with friends and family.   If you still feel overwhelmed call us at 705-722-1581 and come in to see your Nurse Practitioner or Social Worker for more ideas on how to live a balanced, stress reduced life!

Amber Sperling MSW RSW