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We are excited to share with you that the Georgian Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic has relocated to 5 Quarry Ridge Rd., Suite 306, Barrie. Our phone number and fax will remain the same and our dedicated team of health care professionals will continue to deliver the same...

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Happy Nutrition Month!

This year's theme for Nutrition Month is: Good For You!! What does healthy eating look like to you?  How we eat is different from one person to the next as what we eat is based on culture, food traditions, personal circumstances and nutritional needs.  There is no...

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Tips for Better Sleep!

What is sleep?! it's the thing we all do each night....or at least most of us! Sleep is sometimes a significant challenge for people, and when we are not sleeping, a lot of other areas of our lives can be impacted. When you're considering your own mental wellbeing, it...

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Hitting the ‘Pandemic Wall’

Coping with the 'Pandemic Wall' is something that all of us are doing. When we talk about grief and loss, we usually think of death and dying. However, during the COVID-19 Pandemic, we're seeing many types of loss and grief. Below is a list of different types of...

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Mix It Up in the Kitchen!!

New year but the scenery has not changed much. How about mixing it up in the kitchen to make things a little more exciting! You don't have to be a MasterChef to try any of these recipes.  Here are my top 3 sites for fun, tasty recipes that are simple and budget...

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Accessing Food During Covid19

Accessing Food During Covid-19 As we continue to social distance ourselves by staying at home our pantries and fridges deplete and will need to be replenished at some point. The following are some suggestions of how to get your groceries with limited contact: Food...

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Put it away for a rainy day handout

It's helpful to keep some staples on hand in case of unforeseen circumstances. You do not need to buy all of these items at once and you should not buy foods you will not use. Ask a registered dietitian for more information. Download a printable pdf version here....

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